Guiding High-Achieving Women on the Path to Authentically Living Out Their Soul's Purpose





Empowering women to feel deeply connected and safe in their bodies, minds, and souls.

My mission is to help you live a fulfilled life that you truly enjoy and are passionate about, while making a meaningful impact through your work.

Together, we strive to expand the vibration of love in everything we do.

Join me on this journey to personal and professional growth, and experience the joy of living your best life.

Hi there!

I'm Carah.

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I’ve always believed that true healing involves the body, mind, and soul.

My journey began at 14, battling an eating disorder. A harsh encounter with my therapist at 15 fueled my determination to become a therapist and ensure no one else felt that way. After extensive education and experience in mental health, I became disheartened by the field's toxicity and outdated regulations.

Exploring somatics, yoga, and Reiki energy healing revealed the missing pieces in traditional therapy. Integrating these methods, I saw remarkable client progress, leading me to fully embrace the coaching industry to help others heal holistically.

"Carah is an amazing human! She excludes a joyful yet calming energy to her! I felt thoroughly safe and supported throughout our session together! I had a HUGE aha moment with our somatic embodiment healing session! I was feeling uneasy about some uncertainty in my life and tapped into feelings of unsafety that were coming up from me!! I quickly realized where this was stemming from and she gave me actions to follow through and create excitement out of the uncertainty instead of anxiety. It recalled helped to tap into the body and feel all of the emotions I was originally trying to escape from. I felt calm and prepared to handle this uncertainty as it comes up in my life with ease and mindset shift that has really helped!"

Nancy M.

"It was so beautiful! I had the most amazing time with Carah really digging into my blind spots of what I actually do in the world which gave me clarity that I didn't know was possible. It was a wonderful way to look at things and to also appreciate what I do in the world in a different way. The energy was kind, loving, gentle but powerful. I highly recommend Carah if you are looking to see yourself in a different light to change that way that you see yourself."

Cheryl G.
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